Danziger can look back on a succesful flower show in Guangzhou

MISHMAR HASHIVA, Israel, The 2018 China International Floriculture & Horticulture Trade Fair in Guangzhou, China unveiled two market trends: growth potential and demand for high-quality products. “The Chinese market is really embracing high quality flowers”, says Micha Danziger, Danziger chairman of the board.

The Danziger booth at the flower expo exhibition featured a large display of both business lines Danziger is currently offering to the local market, cut flowers and bedding plants.

The exhibition attracted flower buyers and local growers from the Guangzhou and surrounding regions. “We met various high-scale importers from China, many visitors from neighboring countries like Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong and many more,” said Danziger. “We had good traffic in the booth. Attendees are people who love flowers, appreciate quality and want to be part of the global flower industry.”

The display of cut flowers included a wide range of blooms, from the leading global varieties, to specialty varieties that suit the local taste and climate conditions. Chinese market trends focus on tinted colors, so the Danziger booth featured varieties in both “natural” colors, and tinted versions. This highlighted the flexibility for designers and florists. For example, XLENCE™, the leading large flowered Gyp in the world, is displayed in white, but also in many bright colors. The exceptionally large head Craspedia, PAINTBALL™ POP was also tinted to many vibrant colors, making the flowers look like sweet candies.

“At Danziger, we believe in creative collaboration,” says Micha Danziger. “There is so much potential in this market, so we asked our close partners from South America and Kenya to join us for this exhibition. By visiting our booth attendees were also able to meet with partners from Bellaflor group, Eternal flowers and Florisol from Ecuador, and Black Tulip from Kenya. I believe that working together will be a positive experience for all of us,” adds Danziger.

The bedding plant presentation featured a beautiful and tranquil simulation of a flowering porch. This photo location was the center of attention, highlighting stunning Danziger varieties such as, Salvia SALLYFUN™ Deep Ocean, Lobularia Purple STREAM™, Impatiens, SUN HARMONY™, Calibrachoa NOA™,

Danziger will also take part in IPM Hortiflorexpo Beijing 2018, taking place between the 10th – 12th of May.


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