Danziger’s four key values revolve around innovation

It was in 1953 that the husband and wife team Ernest and Zehava established their 3 acre nursery just outside Tel Aviv in a moshav (‘village’ in Hebrew) called Mishmar Hashiva.

A picture is worth a thousand words and here’s a picture of Ernest and Zehava Danziger to prove it. Taken in the 1950s, a young, bright couple appear to be full of dreams. Being the founders of Danziger, they sure had dreams. And since then many of those dreams have come true.

Today Danziger operates worldwide from its offices and production sites in Israel, Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia and Ecuador. Its activities include breeding, producing and marketing of cut flowers, annuals and perennials. Danziger holds  a strong position in Gypsophila, Solidago, Coreopsis, Bidens, Petunia and Lobelia. It has over a thousand customers in over sixty countries and offers over 360 varieties of a wide range of cultivars. Its R&D department alone has over one  hundred employees.

But these are all figures. Danziger is also about innovation, creativeness, imagination and being extraordinary. It’s also about making people happy, about dreaming big, about accumulating knowledge and inspiring people.

Innovating products

Danziger’s four key values revolve around innovation. Not only product innovation, but also production and marketing innovations. In 1997, the introduction of Gypsophila Million Stars® was revolutionary. Nowadays most of the Gypsophila grown worldwide is of Danziger Gypsophila varieties.

A more recent example is the Petunia AMORE™ Series. These Petunias have beautiful flowers with heart-shaped petals so they bring love and friendship to any garden. Moreover, Danziger created a marketing plan when introducing the new series. They were visible at numerous exhibitions and a special promotional kit was developed for further support. On top of that, special packaging was developed to highlight the special Petunia Amore brand.

This is how Danziger defines making people happy: creating a strong and distinctive product with the tools to implement it successfully to make growers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers happy.

Intensive research

Making people happy, dreaming big, accumulating knowledge and inspiring people all begin with intensive research. Danziger has dozens of R&D employees working on breeding, product research, clean stock materials and propagation of in vitro materials. The R&D process works under strict protocols and conducts professional trials in several facilities located in various climatic zones. Neutral trials are carried out by  request from  Danziger to underscore  its claims.

You could say the wide range of Danziger products are the result of this research, of experience, of good contacts in the industry, of ingenuity  and hard work. You could also see it as the result of the dream Ernest and Zehava  had when they started the company. Whatever your opinion, it’s a fact that this very successful  Israeli company has become one of the world’s leading breeders in the floral industry.

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