Danziger announces new varieties for the 2018/2019 season

MISHMAR HASIVA, Israel: Superior breeding, together with top-line production, brings more color, more blooms and more solutions.

Danziger’s 2019 new introductions offer more solutions and more color than ever before. The company’s team of more than 100 scientists, researchers and professional breeders are bringing new varieties to market that are dependable, profitable and above all more beautiful.
Here is a quick look at what’s new for 2019 and information on a few tried and true favorites. Images can be found here: https://bit.ly/2LgkgdH


COLIBRI™ Calibrachoa
This compact series features controlled growth with little to no PGR. Bred and selected to be produced in quart pots,
COLIBRI creates nice, tidy baskets that are bursting with blooms. This early series will flower in ten-hour days. COLIBRI
is available in eight colors, including Lemon, new for 2019.

LIA™ Calibrachoa
This brand new series of Calibrachoa features tight internodes for more flowers and great garden performance. LIA is
an early series with medium vigor, between our NOAׂ and COLIBRIװ series, making it perfect for quarts and compact
basket production. LIA will flower in a ten-hour day, with bigger blooms. The flower size is noticeably different, up to
30% larger. LIA is available in six new colors including Bubblegum, Yellow, White, Blue, Melon and Raspberry.

VANESSA™ Verbena
The VANESSA series is bred for mildew tolerance and flower power. Danziger tests prospective varieties by inoculating
the seedlings with mildew. Only those that stay clean and in full color are brought to market. Cascading varieties are
wonderful for hanging baskets, uprights are perfect for pots.

This annual Phlox is a true rock star. Its tidy, compact habit makes it perfect in the landscape, containers or hanging
baskets. Annual phlox are typically impossible to root. PHLOXSTAR roots very well, doesn’t cycle out of flower and
stands up to heat and drought. Check out the spectacular colors for 2019 including Red, White and Salmon.

AMORE™ Petunia
You’re sure to fall in love with these beautiful petunias! AMORE’s big blooms feature elegant heart-shapes outlined in
bright hues. This stable, uniform series delivers stunning blooms that capture consumer’s attention. AMORE’s semi trailing
habit makes it perfect for hanging baskets and containers. Share the love with AMORE Queen of Hearts, Fiesta,
Joy and Purple.

OSTICADE™ Osteospermum
Consumers love the large flowers and trailing habit of OSTICADE. This early blooming osteospermum needs no cooling
to flower and can be hung in a warm greenhouse with other baskets. New for 2019, Yellow is a standout. The plant
creates outstanding baskets and looks gorgeous in the landscape.

ALONIA™ Angelonia
This early flowering angelonia is very floriferous, with large blossoms covering the plant all summer long. The ALONIA
series has good heat tolerance and stay a nice size in the garden. Available in nine stunning colors, ALONIA is
recommended for quarts and 2.5 quart pots. Bicolor Violet is new for 2019.


Sunstrong™ Erysimum
If you’re looking for an Erysimum that flowers throughout the summer, Sunstrong is it. This beautiful bicolor variety
flowers without cooling, allowing growers to treat this zone 5-9 perennial as an annual. Sunstrong is a large garden
plant that produces beautiful blooms throughout the season. It’s sure to be a consumer favorite. Sunstrong is
recommended for gallon or larger pots.

SOLANNA™ Coreopsis
The SOLANNA series is known for first-year flowering with no bulking or vernalization requirements. New for 2019,
SOLANNA Bright Touch flowers exceptionally early, with blooms covering the plant as early as April. That means this
perennial is ready for early sales! SOLANNA is wonderful in the garden on its own or in a combo. Good in quarts,
SOLANNA is best in gallons. Zone 5-9.

LUCILLE™ Leucanthemum
With LUCILLE Leucanthemum you’ll have blooms very early. This series features three different varieties, each with its
own distinct size and beautiful, bright white petals. LUCILLE flowers in the first year with no cooling needed, offering
more production flexibility. LUCILLE Chic and LUCILLE Grace are new for 2019, joining LUCILLE White. All are zone 5-9.














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