Creative partnership forms with two power house companies in South Florida

HOMESTEAD, USA: During these extraordinary times, more and more Americans are seeking to escape their homes and spend time in the great outdoors. Looking to bring the outdoors inside, one of North America’s most innovative orchid growers, Silver Vase Orchids,  announces a collaboration with American Caribbean Realty in Islamorada to promote their locally grown orchids paired with luxury real estate.

House plant purchases among Americans are at an all-time high and the Florida Keys Real Estate market is booming so the two companies joined forces for a photoshoot scheduled for March 4th at a luxury listing by Eric Rizzo and Kelly K. Shaw with American Caribbean Realty.

The driving factor behind the collaboration was to showcase the locally grown orchids in an inviting estate allowing both companies to mutually benefit. In addition to the collaboration, April Erhard with @aprilgolightly will be on hand as a model and digital correspondent.

“Experiential marketing is the new way of doing business. It allows companies to showcase their product to a wider audience in a fun non-traditional way”, said Marcella Lucio-Chinchilla, VP of Sales & Marketing, Silver Vase Orchids.

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