Creating safety and privacy on the terrace with green partition walls

PISTOIA, Italy: Giorgio Tesi group from Pistoia, Italy ramps up the production of raised planters, fast hedges, and trellis to protect guests and employees in gastronomy.

The green partition walls consist of raised planters with, for example, Photinia or beautiful garden roses on trellises, providing social-distancing protection between tables. The list of plant choices you can mix to grow on a trellis is endless. These separating structures can include plants such as bamboo, vitus, cypres, laurus, the fragrant pittosporum, but also nerium oleander, jasminus, passiflora and bougainvillea are good choices to grow on a trellis. Each configuration caters for the specific needs of the restaurant’s ambient location, such as drought or coastal wind-resistant plantings.

For years, Giorgio Tesi has become a household name in the trellis and raised planter product line. The coronavirus crisis and the worldwide call to maintain proper social distancing prompted the company to expand it by adding new variants, sizes, and shapes, which sell as green partition walls.

Fabrizio Tesi, the legal representative of the Giorgio Tesi Group says, “In view of the reopening of bars, restaurants, beach resorts and all other outdoor accommodation we have decided to launch new lines trellises and raised planters. The arrangement of the green partition walls can be flexibly organised according to the customer’s room space conditions.”

Tesi’s green partition walls are not 100 per cent impermeable but maybe a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to the partition screens in PVC. It also changes the etiquette of polite conversation while social distancing in a restaurant  – what on earth can you talk about with your partner when the conversation runs dry?

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