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HOOFDDORP, Netherlands: Container Centralen (CC) has announced that it will change from red to new labels in January 2019. The label shows that a CC Container is a legitimate part of the CC Pool and these will be provided to all CC customers with CC Containers under contract. The change of the label is one of the measures to keep the CC Pool System fair to all users.

The CC Pool is an open system (anybody can join) and the material is exchangeable but this also makes it possible for irregularities to arise, for example when a company loses track of its containers. Those containers will keep rotating in the pool, but without an official owner. There have also been cases of fraud, where non-CC Containers were added to the pool with false labels. As only a limited percentage of CC Containers pass through a CC depot in a year, CC can’t check those irregularities without the involvement of all pool participants. With an update of the label, the CC Pool will be ‘reset’; all CC customers get the number of labels they have under contract. This rules out containers without an owner and false labels, and so helps the pool.

Other measures CC is taking to fairly share the costs of the CC Pool among its users, are:

  • The introduction of a repair quota for shelves earlier this year. This reduces the opportunities to make use of the CC Pool System without contributing.
  • Legal action against falsifiers of labels and importers of non-CC Containers with the CC logo on it. Those cases are always treated with discretion.
  • Pool participants who have items that are in accordance with CC quality standards and want to add these to the pool, are welcome. This opportunity is safeguarded from misuse as the containers stay administratively connected to the party that brought them in, via the RFID label. The more people participate, the stronger we keep the CC Pool.

The new labels will be distributed to CC Pool participants in November and December 2018. CC asks all participants to take care of their part of the CC Pool, by attaching the labels to the CC Containers that they have under contract by 7 January 2019 at the latest. There are no recommended changes in working procedures: scanning of the labels is not obligatory.

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