Container Centralen focuses on actions for a sustainable CC shelf Pool

HOOFDDORP, Netherlands: Container Centralen is continuously improving sustainability and future-proofing in relation to the CC Container Pool. All participants in the CC Pool must be able to use the materials easily and without issue. CC is expanding its programme of action to improve the quality of shelves by increasing the inflow of good quality CC shelves, sharing the loads out more evenly and organising stricter arrival checks.

Only CC quality shelves which fulfil the European Norms (EN) for moisture (in relation to outside storage), contribute towards a sustainable pool. According to an independent Danish organisation, the CC plywood shelf is the only shelf that fulfils the EN norms, as a result of using the right quality adhesive. CC will actively focus on the introduction of good quality shelves, using price promotions and similar on official CC shelves. Eliminating non-CC shelves is a collective responsibility. During this process, CC will equip around 1.7 million broken shelves with CC quality plywood each year.

CC will actively approach all pool users, such as retailers and garden centres, to help balance contracts against usage. Discussions have already taken place with Royal Flora Holland with regard to users of Royal Flora Holland depots taking part in the CC Pool. CC also offers discounts on the introduction of shelves into the CC Pool, that are already in circulation.

It is extremely important for us all to monitor the quality of the shelves. At all Royal Flora Holland and CC depots, there will be stricter arrival checks on shelves. Repair quota transfers will be actively stimulated and facilitated. CC will also expand the provision of information regarding the standard quality checks on shelves, i.e. the piano method, to include films and on-site training. With these concrete actions, CC believes the CC shelf pool will realize the quality required to provide care-free usage. You can help us in this regard by carrying out stricter quality checks and addressing suppliers as and when necessary.


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