BOGOTÁ, Colombia: ExpoPlantas will offer next August in Antioquia, Colombia, the best national sample of the nursery industry, conferences, a varieties competition for growers and breeders, visits to the region’s plant production and the opportunity to participate in the Orchids, Flowers and Crafts Exhibition as well as the traditional Silleteros Parade in Medellin’s Flower Festival. 

The Flower Festival in Medellin, reaching its 55th edition this 2018, is one of the most emblematic celebrations in Colombia and Latin America. The great opportunity this festival represents for many nurseries in the country, and for the international guests participating in the traditional event for the first time, has motivated the date for ExpoPlantas Colombia this August 8th – 10th, 2018.

Jairo Cadavid, president of the Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, pointed out that the very first Professional Colombian Nursery Trade Show will be focused on the distribution chain rather than the final consumer. It will be carried out by affiliate members of Colviveros and will be held at the Quirama Hotel and Convention Center in El Carmen de Viboral, a perfect venue for the exhibition of nursery products and input supplies. This facility offers the best conditions, great exhibit place with imposing gardens and colonial architecture, several conference rooms, restaurant, and different rooms to accommodate the participants in this first version of the national nursery fair.

ExpoPlantas Colombia will provide not only business-to-business networking, but also a wide-ranging and relevant program of educational seminars. Industry-related technical and commercial issues will be addressed by renowned national and international experts. Furthermore, the Colviveros President indicated that “the transformation of the Quirama compound into the best exhibition space with exciting displays of both growers and suppliers’ commercial samples will allow us to highlight the quality and steady growth of the nursery sector, and promote the opportunities this green industry has to offer. On the other hand, the Varieties Competition will open a new window to promote high qualified ornamental products for both, growers and breeders.

On the 10th and 11th of August, Colombian Growers will visit nurseries located in the Rionegro and Santafe of Antioquia regions, and take part in the well-known Orchid, Flowers and Crafts Exhibition. On Sunday August 12th, the participants will be attending the traditional Silleteros Parade featuring impressive plant and flower arrangements carried by the parade’s participants on their backs”.

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Jairo Cadavid Ossa

President of Colviveros

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