Codema develops purpose-built water carts

BERGSCHENKHOEK, the Netherlands: Cut flower companies with multiple production locations often choose to have the sorting and processing take place at one central location. To ensure that logistics flows between locations run as quickly and efficiently as possible, Codema has developed special water carts. These carts can be completely custom-designed, tailored to your needs and the dimensions of your trucks. The segments in the cart ensure that your cut flowers do not get oppressed and do not move during transportation. Naturally, the thin layer of water in the water carts ensures that the cut flowers remain fresh for a longer time. 

‘This is the solution for a company with multiple locations and one central space for sorting and processing’, says one of the first users. ‘The cut flowers from our other two locations enter at this location and are immediately put in a large cold store. Then they are sorted and bunched and within an hour the carts are back in the cold store and then taken for transport. The water carts ensure that our cut flowers can be supplied at the best conditioned quality.’

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