CNB puts Papaver orientale ‘Pink Perfection’ in the spotlight

LISSE, Netherlands: Dutch bulb grower’s cooperative and perennial plant trader CNB puts Papaver orientale ‘Pink Perfection’ in the limelight, highlighting the perennial’s elegance and bee-friendliness.

Papaver orientale ‘Pink Perfection’ genuinely is one of the best perennials to include in the garden. In late spring and early summer, mid pink flowers rise above deeply divided and slightly hairy leaves.

Contrary to the seed-raised Papaver nudicaule, Papaver orientale ‘Pink Perfection’ is a vegetatively propagated plant. This gorgeous perennial is a bred of Herbert Oudshoorn. CNB sells the starting material under its Censation brand, which is used for exciting new plants which are trialled and tested but are not yet protected by PBR. The cultivar is floriferous and excellent for pollinators. This midsize selection (60cm tall)  features unusual fringed petals and it suited for use in pots and in borders.

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