CNB New Plants puts Miscanthus ‘Neil Lucas’’ in the spotlight

LISSE, Netherlands: Dutch bulb growers’s cooperative and perennial plant trader CNB puts Miscanthus sinensis ‘Neil Lucas’ in the limelight, highlighting the ornamental grass’ elegance and structural qualities.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Neil Lucas’, named after RHS judge, writer and gardener (Knoll Gardens) Neil Lucas from the UK, is an extremely elegant variety. It has leaves with white mid ribs, starting off in lush green and then turning to tones of red tints.

Bred by Hans Mesker from the Netherlands, Miscanthus sinensis ‘Neil Lucas’ stands 75cm to 120cm tall. It has pale to cream sprays of flowers that raise above the foliage as the season progresses.

This grass thrives in full sun, or partial shade with free-draining, but moist soil or compost. It is perfect for mixing in large containers for the patio or balcony but can also be planted out in the border. Under normal winter conditions the plant is hardy, especially when protected from frosts.

CNB has this Miscanthus available for growers as plugs from tissue culture and in P9 pots.

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