Chrysanthemum breeder Floritec to relocate its breeding activities

Left to right Floritec’s sales manager Harry Boers, Floritec boss Jeroen Ravensbergen and Chrysanthemum grower Bob van Kester.

WOUBRUGGE, Netherlands: Floritec, a company that has quickly made a name in the floral industry by breeding durable, disease and pest resistant, high yielding Chrysanthemums, has taken 1.4ha at Middelbroekweg 84 in Honselersdijk, Netherlands. The move is set for this autumn and will bring the company’s cut flower and potted plant breeding programmes under one roof.

The current owner of the land, grower Bob van Kester will harvest his last Chrysanthemums at the end of June 2022. From that moment on, Floritec will turn the 1.4 ha location into test facilities and trial greenhouses.

Perfectly customised Chrysanths

Floritec is a young and innovative breeder of distinctive varieties of spray, pot and ‘Belgian pot mums’, pot celosia and pot aster. Managing Director Jeroen Ravensbergen said: “Floritec’s mission is to develop relevant and leading varieties in close cooperation with customers. Through on-site development, we are able to develop varieties with a reduced sensitivity to diseases and pests and that are perfectly suited to the local cultivation and climate conditions: Customized Breeding. But given our ambition, this also requires a stronger home base and this location certainly provides that.”

Growth of the organisation

Floritec operates worldwide and has been working closely with its Japanese parent company, Inochio Seikoen, since 2019. Inochio Seikoen is a market leader in, among other things, large-flowered chrysanthemums. Partly due to this cooperation, both companies are strengthening their market position and Floritec is making great strides in its development. Ravensbergen: “Having our own breeding location is in line with our ambitions to continue to grow and professionalize. And there is now much more room to include the gene material of our parent company in our work.”

The grand opening of Floritec’s new premises is set to take place the week before the Aalsmeer Trade Fair.

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