Chrysal’s new boxes for flower food sachets help reduce the amount of packaging the industry uses

NAARDEN, Netherlands: Chrysal, a global supplier of premium flower care products with proven results for growers, packers, supermarkets, florists and consumers, is constantly looking into new ways to make its products and the way they work more sustainable. More recently, the company launched new boxes for flower food sachets and T-bags to reduce the use of packaging materials.

The new Chrysal boxes contain 1.5 times more content but are less than 1.5 times the size. With these new sized boxes transportation can be more efficient, but also results in less waste.

The company’s claim to significantly reduce water use and flower wastage is well-known. But in recent years Chrysal has also worked hard to reduce its packaging materials with the introduction of Bag in Box packaging and/or more concentrated formulations in many of our Professional and post-harvest products.

With the introduction of the new sized carton boxes for flower food sachets and T-bags Chrysal not only reduces packaging materials, but also reduces transportation. The new box contains 1.5 times more flower food sachets but uses 20 per cent less carton. And with the new measurements, transportation and handling of the boxes can be more efficient, contributing to a lower CO₂ footprint and making the new box a more sustainable solution.

Rollout of the new boxes began in February 2022 when Chrysal changed a large part of its Chrysal branded powder sachets and T-bags assortment to this new cardboard box.

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