Chrysal’s Liquid Sachet on String allows liquid flower food to be automatically attached to bouquets

NAARDEN, Netherlands: Chrysal introduces Liquid Sachet on String, the only liquid flower food that can be attached automatically to bouquets. For this innovation Chrysal worked with Bercomex who developed the application machine for this concept. This total solution reduces production, storage and transport costs and helps solve labour issues such as working in close proximity in relation to COVID-19.

Liquid Sachet on String

Up until now, it was only possible to automatically attach flower food to bouquets if it was a powder sachet. Liquid flower food sticks, preferred by many retailers and consumers, had to be attached manually, costing a lot of time and labour. In addition, these sticks were attached with tape or glue, making it sometimes difficult for them to be removed from the bouquet.

Now Chrysal introduces the Liquid Sachet on String, a unique concept which gives retailers and bouquet makers the opportunity for automatic application of liquid flower food on a bouquet. For consumers the liquid flower food is convenient and easy to use.

The liquid sachet is attached with an Bercomex Elastic Band. Consumer research in the UK showed that this was the most preferred option. 59% of the survey participants preferred attachment with an elastic band compared to glued (13%) or taped (7%).

Chrysal and Bercomex

Chrysal and Bercomex collaborated to ensure that the new Chrysal Liquid Sachet can easily be applied automatically using Bercomex’s Chrysal liquid binder. Peter Vriends, CEO at Chrysal International; “Together with Bercomex’s expertise on processing flowers automatically we have been able to develop the best solution for our customers to efficiently apply our liquid flower food to flowers.” Gerben Schouten, CEO at Bercomex “We worked closely together with Chrysal combining our experience to develop the liquid binder that operates on our Bercomex Flora Optima and –Master flowerlines. We continually improve our solutions so that customers have increased efficiency and productivity for their quality bouquets.

Sustainable packaging

The sachets are packed efficiently in a special box that will help to facilitate a machine speed up to 4.000 sachets per hour. Each box contains one continuous string of sachets of up to 2.500 units. The user friendly packaging makes it possible to connect boxes and makes continuous production possible. In addition, this sustainable packaging reduces the amount of cardboard required by up to 70%. As a result, transportation volumes are reduced by up to 63% lowering transportation costs, in comparison to our regular sachet boxes.

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