Canada’s House of Commons adopts unanimously a motion to designate 2022 the Year of the Garden

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OTTAWA, Canada: Michel Gauthier, executive director of the Canadian Garden Council is happy to announce that on March 23, Canada’s politicians came together in the inclusive spirit of gardens and gardening via the House of Commons to celebrate the arrival of Spring by adopting unanimously a motion to officially designate 2022 the Year of the Garden. Canada is the first country in the world to proclaim a Year of the Garden.

Here is the link to the motion that all members of parliament voted for:

It will soon be subtitled – and yes, Gauthier says, “they cheered after it was passed”.

The text of the motion reads as follows: “Gardens and gardening contribute to the development of our country, our cities and the lives of people in terms of health, quality of life, reconciliation, inclusion and environmental challenges. The Year of the Garden will engage gardeners, families, students, and tourists with our garden culture and history, and the importance of public and private gardens and our urban landscapes. Moved that the house recognise 2022 as the Year of the Garden as it marks the centennial of Canada’s ornamental horticulture sector on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association.”

Gauthier says it is amazing how gardens and gardening can bring the country together. “The federal government is joining the municipal governments in celebrating our garden culture.”

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