Buddleia davidii Butterfly Candy Little Ruby crowned best in show at Europe’s largest trolley fair GROEN-Direkt trolley fair

BOSKOOP, Netherlands: The dense spikes of deep red flowers that beautifully contrast with grey foliage seduced judges of the ‘stand-in Plantarium showcase’, which this year was one of the showstoppers at GROEN-Direkt, Europe’s largest plant trolley fair (25-26 August 2021). The Plantarium show itself did not happen but will instead come back next year, bigger and better.

The 2021 judging panel, chaired by the Dutch Nursery Trade Fair Foundation, found Buddleja davidii ‘Botex 006’ (BUTTERFLY CANDY LITTLE RUBY) Best in Show. Wholesale plant grower Van Son & Koot bv from Kaatsheuvel explained that the award-winning shrub is sold under the Butterfly Candy brand name that includes a series of buddleias with compact growth. The summer-flowering shrub attracts butterflies and other beneficial insects the garden where it is guaranteed to create an impact in any sun-kissed border.

An absolute bonus of this prize winning shrub are its deep red flowers, which are exceptional for buddleias. The jury made one general remark to the breeder saying that it is unclear whether the series is sterile.

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