Broekhof USA earns FSC® certification for North America

MIAMI, USA:  Broekhof USA, a global leader in flower packaging, has earned the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Chain of Custody certification (SCS-COC-007184) as a group member of the Small Business Certification Network (FSC C125400).

By becoming FSC Chain-of-custody certified, Broekhof USA receives recognition for providing products from environmentally and socially responsible sources. FSC is the global authority for responsible forest management. ‘Chain of custody’ is the path taken by raw materials from the forest to the consumer, including all successive stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing, printing and distribution.

Jim Bos, Managing Director Broekhof USA is very proud to take the next step to reaching sustainability goals at Broekhof USA. He says, “This FSC certification shows that we are absolutely aware that we must take care of our earth by using energy and raw materials responsibly. As a packaging wholesaler with paper and wood as a core part of our business, Broekhof USA is concerned about the future of the world’s endangered forests and is committed to implementing policies that facilitate conservation.”

Broekhof USA, part of the Paardekooper Group, is on route to offering 100% FSC certified paper, cardboard and wood items following the Paardekooper sustainability policy.

Broekhof USA is also committed to protecting the environment and to the responsible use of natural resources. Broekhof’s packaging solutions are specifically designed to extend the lifecycle of flowers and plants through aesthetic protection while focusing on sustainability. For the past years, Broekhof has been continuously developing and designing new packaging concepts that are made from recycled materials, 100% recyclable, renewable or biodegradable.

Since 1974, Broekhof has been a leading supplier of packaging and decorative material for the flower and plant sector.  From 2018 Broekhof is part of the Royal Paardekooper Group, one of the largest independent packaging and business requisites companies in the Benelux. In 2021 Paardekooper added Dillewijn Zwapak to their Horti division to further strengthen their portfolio in the floriculture sector. Broekhof has presence in Kenya, Vietnam, Colombia, and the United States and has its own factory located in Vietnam where flower and plant sleeves are produced.

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