Broekhof to acquire  Van Iperen’s packaging division

At time of printing no image was available of the Doral-based warehouse. Here we have a picture of Broekhof’s headquarters in Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands.

NOORDWIJKERHOUT, Netherlands: Van Iperen BV located in Westmaas is selling its packaging activities as per 1 September 2022 to Broekhof Verpakkingen BV, part of Royal Dutch Paardekooper Group.

Van Iperen started selling ornamental plant packaging in 1999. In the past decades, this section has grown into a healthy and substantial business activity.

Challenges in availability and logistics, and the increasing complexity in the world of packaging made Van Iperen decide that more knowledge and specialism was needed for further growth. By transferring the packaging activities to Broekhof, Van Iperen can focus even more on the growth specialism around nurturing, strengthening and protecting crops.

“The sale of the packaging branch gives us room for growth in the greening of crop protection (biology, green agents) and fertilizers (circular raw materials, Greenswitch®, biostimulants, water quality),” said Van Iperen boss Dirk-Jan Bakker.

With this takeover, Royal Dutch Paardekooper Group, owner of Paardekooper, Broekhof and Dillewijn Zwapak, which was taken over last year, once again strengthens its position in the floriculture sector.

The horti division of Paardekooper, including Broekhof and Dillewijn Zwapak, supplies the flower and plant industry worldwide with packaging. With their packaging solutions, they add value to every link in the flower and plant chain. Making the packaging more sustainable is an important ambition in this respect. Bert van Dongen, CFO of KPG says, “The packaging activities of Van Iperen are our core business. This acquisition enables us to further expand our grower branch. We are happy to build on the long-standing relationship between Van Iperen and its customers.”

Van Iperen and Royal Dutch Paardekooper Group, both family businesses with more than 100 years of history, will continue to work closely together to ensure that Van Iperen’s customers are assured of a wide range, tailor-made advice and high-quality packaging.

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