Bosman Van Zaal acquires British CMW Horticulture

AALSMEER, Netherlands: Dutch greenhouse builder Bosman Van Zaal has acquired horticultural engineering company CMW Horticulture, based in East Yorkshire, United Kingdom. CMW Horticulture will continue to operate under its existing brandname and offer the same range of products and services.

A joint venture with Bosman Van Zaal will allow CMW Horticulture to compete with larger companies by increasing their pool of resources.

Managing Director Ian Metcalfe is delighted to partner with Bosman Van Zaal. He notes, “Bosman Van Zaal is a well-respected and very progressive company, with an excellent product portfolio that will allow us to better support growers in all sectors of the horticultural industry. We are very excited to work with them and look forward to a new chapter in our company’s history. I have no doubt that, with the support Bosman Van Zaal will provide, CMW will see continued growth and success in this vibrant industry in the UK and Ireland.”

The acquisition is in line with Bosman Van Zaal’s strategy, which is aimed at aligning its high-quality horticultural knowledge with the needs of local markets and sectors, enabling tailor-made projects to be carried out more efficiently.

CMW Horticulture is a leading horticultural supplier in the UK, founded in June 1989 as a joint venture  with a Dutch screen specialist company. Two of the original founders Graham Ward and Ian Metcalfe remain with the company today. David Markham joined the company in 1991 as Financial Controller and was invited onto the board as Financial Director in 2004. In April 2014, after 25 years of partnership with  the Dutch company, the shareholders decided that the time was right for the UK directors to take control and a deal was struck to buy out the majority. Technical director Gordon Badham joined the board in December 2015. CMW is currently working on a variety of projects in the UK and Ireland, for growers of salad, soft fruit, ornamental and pharmaceutical crops.

Bosman Van Zaal is a family-owned business, specialised in the development, production and installation of greenhouses and turnkey horticultural projects, both nationally and internationally. The Dutch horticultural specialist has an extensive team of engineers and horticultural experts. The enormous technical diversity within the organization forms the basis for the refined technology, which is used, among other things, in the development of projects for the food and pharmaceutical industry, but which is also extremely suitable for the realization of high-quality production greenhouses.

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