Bosman Van Zaal helps Rocket Farms optimise their logistics processes in living herbs production

HALFMOON BAY, USA: Dutch greenhouse builder and horticultural engineering company Bosman Van Zaal in association with its sister company Crea-Tech have helped US-based Rocket Farms optimise their logistics processes in potted herb production.

Rocket Farms is one of the leading growers of indoor flowers, fresh-cut herbs and potted edibles in the US.  The company serves domestic customers nationwide across all major retail channels, from grocery, mass merchandisers, home & garden centres, to independent operators.

Rocket Farms is in northern California, operating from multiple growing facilities across the San Francisco Bay Area to the Salinas Valley. Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean provides the company with a moderate and temperate climate year-round, resulting in perfect conditions to grow and produce high-quality horticultural products.

Marking its seventh decade as a market leader is Rocket Farm’s most recent business expansion which was completed in May 2021 and is now up and running.

The company hired Dutch-based Bosman Van Zaal and its sister company Crea-Tech International to give its 120,000 sq feet living herbs greenhouse facility in Half Moon Bay a complete overhaul.

Phase one included installing 2,000 moveable containers fitted with an ebb and flood system, lifting and conveyor frames and stops, container drive units, push and pull units, a manually driven transport car, two overhead stackers, four fixed (de) stackers, an automatic container washer, all necessary electric installations, and an extensive, complete processing line for potting and packing the herbs.

Rocket Farms takes great pride in having a fully automated cultivation system incorporating new water retention and recapture systems to maximise water conservation as well as installing LED lights that will result in 48 per cent energy savings.

Additionally, with their dedication to the community in conjunction with the environment, they will

Watch the video on Rocket Farms’ business expansion HERE

Watch the video of Rocket Farms’ potting line HERE


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