Bosman Van Zaal announces its presence at Naivasha Horticultural Fair

NAIVASHA, Kenya: Dutch greenhouse constructor and horticultural engineering company Bosman Van Zaal is pleased to announce its participation at this year’s Naivasha Horticultural Fair held on the Naivasha Golf Course at Naivasha Sports Club, Kenya September 20-21, 2019.

Bosman Van Zaal opened its Kenya branch in November 2009 and has been participating in the annual Naivasha Horticultural Fair in Kenya for years.

The NH Fair was founded by a few friends who, while enjoying a beer, decided that the professional side of the agricultural sector should be put in the spotlight positively. The costs of participation are kept low, so that small farmers and horticulturists from Kenya can exhibit their product and knowledge. In addition, everyone is welcome at the fair. Because of this and the fact that the fair takes place outside, with a large dining area and live music in the middle, the fair has a pleasant character. Many families and schools even go to the fair as a day out!

All proceeds go to NHTrust, the fund of the fair, which supports local charities, mainly aimed at children. For example, the fund supports the Naivasha Children’s Shelter and the Rotary Safe House of Rotary Naivasha.

During the fair, the company’s  general manager, Chris Alphenaar, will be on hand to provide expert advice and information. “The driving force behind this event is Richard McGonnel,  who manages the charities. He does a good job with children who don’t have parents or are exiled, in cooperation with Rotary Naivasha,” Chris says. “NH Fair is a friendship festival with large numbers of Naivasha growers attending. Usually, they come out with the whole family for a day out. That makes it a very pleasant fair. The Dutch Embassy continues to maintain its presence at the show and always organises something in the evening hours.”

Sharing the company’stand  will be Bosman’s partners Hoogendoorn and Svensson.

Pictured is the Bosman Kenya Team. Left to right Alice, Joseph (who sadly passed away recently), Chris, Erenest and Samuel, Tom

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