Boskoop’s Royal Horticultural Society (KVBC)  honours eleven roses with Certificate of Excellence

Rosa ‘Midsummer Snow’.

Since 2017, Boskoop’s Royal Horticultural Society (KVBC) has been judging garden roses and awarding them with the Certificate of Excellence. Excellence Roses is a Dutch/Belgium mark of quality and to qualify for it a rose must combine exceptional beauty with excellent health and reliability. Excellence Roses are also committed to sustainability as they can be  grown without using any crop protection products.

Rosa ‘Limona’.

Each potential Excellence Rose is on trial for three years with rose trial gardens situated in Winschoten (rosarium Winschoten), Boskoop (Rosarium Boskoop),  Merksplas, Belgium (show garden De Kleine Boerderij), Mechelen, Belgium (Vrijbroekpark and Lottum (Rozenhof Lottum).

Receiving recognition for excellent rose breeding was Jan Spek Rozen for the soft pink floribunda rosa ‘Sweet Romanza’.

Belgian rose breeder Viva International received Excellence certificates for their floribunda roses ‘Midsummer Snow’, and ‘Princesse Stéphanie Grande-Duchesse héritière. The latter is a creation of rose breeder Martin Vissers. The rose has rich apricot buds that open to chalice-shaped blooms.

Rosa ‘Midsummer Snow’ is slightly fragrant, has remarkable golden anthers and features cupped blooms that rise above dark green foliage. ‘

German rose breeder Tantau earned Excellence recognition for its yellow shrub rose ‘Bijenweelde Roze’, a magnet for pollinators. German breeder Kordes for their highly fragrant tea hybrid ‘Carmen WÜrth’ in violet pink hues, their tea hybrid ‘Limona’, their deep orange floribunda rose ‘Orangerie’, their loribunda rose ‘Rose Romantic’, and apricot, fragrant climbing rose ‘Peach Melba’.

Submitted by De Ruiter Innovations/Boot&Dart Boomkwekerijen, super hardy Rosa rugosa ‘White Valeda’  has white and light pink hues and produces nice hips in late summer and autumn.

Rosa ‘Carmen Würth’.

The yellow shrubrose ‘Medal Amorina’ , submitted by De Ruiter Innovations/Boot&Dart Boomkwekerijen, also received an Excellence accolade.

For the upcoming season, 27 new garden roses from 8 breeders will be planted for trialing in the Netherlands and Belgium.

While Excellence Roses certification is an important consideration when choosing a supplier, the end-consumer ultimately enjoys the benefits.

Excellence Roses is an initiative of the Culture Group for Roses and Rootstocks, with its secretariat running under the Dutch industry body Anthos.

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