Boskoop Royal Horticultural Society (KVBC) presents 11 Excellence Roses Certificates for seven international rose breeders

Left to right Rudy Velle, Quercus Hanekamp, Martijn Ilsink, Ad Volkering, Helma van der Louw, Hans de Ruiter, Margareth Hop and Hetty Crooijmans. Marco Braun and Martin Vissers were not present.

ALMERE, Netherlands: Helma van der Louw, chairwoman of Boskoop’s Royal Horticultural Society (KVBC), awarded seven international rose breeders for their exceptional dedication and achievements in garden rose breeding on 17 June with an Excellence Roses Certificate at the World Horticultural Expo Floriade 2022. The judges honoured 11 garden roses here with the coveted accolade.  

Boskoop’s Royal Horticultural Society (KVBC)  has been judging gardens roses and awarding them with the Certificate of Excellence since 2017.

Excellence Roses, is an initiative of the Dutch Culture Group for Roses and Rootstocks, with its secretariat running under the Dutch industry body Anthos.

Having an Excellence Roses certification is a mark of quality. At the B2B level, Excellence Rose Certification is an important consideration when choosing a supplier, and the end-consumer ultimately enjoys the benefits of growing healthy and reliable rose blooms.

To qualify a garden rose must combine exceptional beauty with excellent health and reliability. Excellence Roses are also committed to sustainability as they can be  grown without using any crop protection products.

The awards ceremony took place at Floriade, in the rose garden of the Culture Group for Roses and Rootstocks. A few hours earlier, the Group’s members had held their annual general meeting at fruit tree nursery Roelofs in Zeewolde.

The event was attended by Hans Ruiter and Margareth Hop from De Ruiter Innovations/ Boot&Dart Boomkwekerijen, Martijn Ilsink from Interplant, Ad Volkering from Kordes, Quercus Hanekamp from Tantau, and Rudy Velle from Lens Roses. Also present was Hetty Crooijmans, a fourth-generation rose grower/trader who runs Reuver-based H. Crooijmans & Zn BV together with her brother. She is also chairwoman of the Dutch Culture Group for Roses and Rootstocks and one of the driving forces behind Expo 2022 Floriade’s rose gardens

Belgian rose breeder Viva International was awarded the Excellence Rose title for its floribunda rose ‘La Belle Rouge’, Interplant for its tea hybrid ‘Borneo Odore’. German rose breeder Kordes received Excellence certificates for its climbing rose ‘Florentina’, floribunda rose ‘MärchenZauber, ground-cover rose ‘Summer of Love’ and tea hybrid ‘Sunny Sky’.

Tantau earned Excellence recognition for its tea hybrid ‘Maxim’ and Belgium breeder Lens for its shrub rose ‘Gaard um Titzebierg’.

Shrub rose ‘Light Pink Valeda/’Street Dance’ , submitted by De Ruiter Innovations/Boot&Dart Boomkwekerijen, floribunda rose ‘Mira Red’ from Marco Braun and shrub rose ‘Spinnaker Amorina from De Ruiter Innovations/Boot&Dart Boomkwekerijen also received Excellence accolades.

For the upcoming season, 20 new garden roses from seven breeders will be planted for trialing in Boskoop, Lottum, Winschoten, Mechelen (Belgium) and Merksplas (Belgium).

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