Boost for Portugal’s ornamental horticulture as Elsner pac expands its cutting farm in Santo Isidro Pegões

THIENDORF, Germany: German plant breeder and propagator Elsner pac is expanding production capacity at its cutting farm in Santo Isidro Pegões, Portugal, at a time when global supply chains are under severe pressure. The Portuguese farm uses Lobelia, Solanaceae stock, and eco-certified gourmet potatoes and herbs.

Occupying pride of place in Portugal is PortuCal, a brand under which premium quality Calibrachoa cuttings are selling. With PortuCal, Elsner pac, elevates its Portuguese-grown Calibrachoa cuttings to a horticultural pedestal, highlighting Portugal as arguably the best country for cutting production within the European Union.

Apart from the benign Portuguese climate and the available labour force, there’s a more practical reason behind the company’s focus on Portugal. This is a country where you can produce varieties in the Solanaceae family, like Calibrachoa, which can’t be shipped to the EU from Africa due to import restrictions.

The breeding and young plant company Elsner pac®, Germany, is rooted in tradition and has been famous for its fine Pelargonium breeding programme for about 100 years.

Over time, the company has reshuffled its business model from a pure licence breeder to a modern young plant company with state-of-the-art greenhouses near Dresden and mother stock facilities in Portugal and Kenya. Stock plants grow under strict conditions to present a healthy, pest-free plant to harvest cuttings.

The crop variety produced ranges from traditional bedding plants and perennials to bio-herbs, vegetables, and brewing hops.

In recent years, Elsner pac lined out its journey for the future in creating wholly-owned product brands supported by strategic communication concepts. In partnership with an external marketing expert, brands like Hops®, Potatoo® or Chocolate® have gained momentum with new young plant orders flying in from Europe.

The company’s general manager Christoph Hoffmann, sales director Jörg Mehle and product manager Antonia Feindura have built a  passionate and competent team to support growers worldwide with the best starter plants and innovative marketing concepts.

The company also holds Biotech, an analytic service company specialising in assisting growers in phytosanitary and abiotic matters with wholly-owned laboratories, including a fully equipped soil testing lab.

Elsner pac has redefined what ‘pac’ stands for Passion And Competence.


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