Boost for molecular plant breeding at Breeding Accel

WILP, Netherlands: Breeding Accel, a Dutch-based plant breeding knowledge platform, has capitalised on existing resources and expertise by creating a molecular plant breeding lab within its PlantXperience breeding technology centre.

The newly opened molecular lab will provide Breeding Accel partners KP Holland, Schoneveld Breeding, Sion Orchids, Interplant and Fresh Forward Breeding with advanced technologies that will be used to accelerate new variety releases.

The molecular lab will bring new technology and classical breeding together with a group of pathologists, cell biologists and plant physiologists working to decipher and analyse the genetic code of plants. The opening of the new research facilities provides a boost to marker-assisted selection which links the genes associated with desirable traits to specific markers on the plant genome.

KP Holland, Schoneveld Breeding, Sion Orchids and Interplant Roses joined forces in 2014 to reduce their time to market. In August 2020, Fresh Forward Breeding, renowned as one of the leading breeders of strawberry and apple, announced a strategic partnership with Accel.

Breeding Accel serves as a platform to share research findings and ideas and to boost innovation. It has proven fruitful by enabling all parties involved to effectively use the collective knowledge and research facilities, which has in turn allowed for the efficient development of new molecular and cell biological techniques.

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