Boost for Barolo as Bos Bloemen ramps up production

RIJSENHOUT, Netherlands: The deep red full flowered spray Chrysanthemum Barolo, with its fresh green centre is year round available as of week 20. Its breeder Royal Van Zanten says Barolo can be used in any type of flower arrangement and is suitable for any occasion.

Having grown Barolo successfully for several years during the autumn and winter season, grower Bos Bloemen will now be supplying the flower year round starting week 20.

Initially, the number of stems will be 60.000 per week. From week 36 on the production will reach its usual numbers of up to 100.000 stems per week. The recent purchase of an extra acre enables Bos Bloemen to grow Barolo year round, combining it with the seasonal production of Celosia.

Royal Van Zanten is happy with the continuous supply of Barolo, as the demand for this warm red variety is still on the rise. A large part of the export of Barolo finds its way to the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, but Barolo is being sold in many other European countries as well. With the increased production, the Barolo can continue conquering Europe.

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