Bom Group and V8 Architects reveal winning design for Floriade’s Greenhouse Complex

ALMERE, Netherlands: V8 Architects and Dutch greenhouse builder Bom Group today revealed the winning design for Floriade’s 10,000m2 Greenhouse Complex.

Floriade’s Greenhouse Complex represents a significant architectural addition to the world horticultural exhibition, while also reflecting the exhibition’s commitment to sustainability.

The Floriade Greenhouses, which have a floor space of 10,000m2 is 170 metres long and includes five sections:  a reception area, a hi-tech greenhouse,  an experience greenhouse, a technology and  innovation centre and a restaurant.

The complex aims to reduce carbon footprints and reflects the Netherlands leadership in horticultural technology. The architects and greenhouse builder highlight how greenhouse structures help build a circular agriculture, combat climate change, increase biodiversity and feed the ever-growing world population.

For six months, from 14 April 2022 until 9 October 2022, Almere (NL) will be the stage for the AIPH approved International Horticultural Exhibition Floriade Expo 2022. During the Floriade, the Dutch horticulture sector, together with national and international partners, will show green solutions that can make our cities more fun, liveable and sustainable. The theme of “Growing Green Cities” is central on the 60-hectare site. The exhibition grounds are a short travel distance from Amsterdam and directly alongside the A6 with a view of the Almere skyline.

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