Blueroots and Royal FloraHolland to move forward together in digitisation sector

NAALDWIJK, The Netherlands: Royal FloraHolland is taking a 50% interest in Blueroots, by which a joint venture will be launched. This joint venture is seen as a joint investment in enhancing the international competitive position of the Dutch floriculture industry.

Participating trading companies will be directly connected via Blueroots to the digital ecosystem of Royal FloraHolland, which consists of Floriday, FloraMondo and FloraXchange. In this way, the entire supply will be linked to the ERP systems of the participating trading companies via Blueroots, as a result of which affiliated trading companies will be able to collect and purchase supply quickly and directly.

Joining forces in a unique way

Cees van der Meij, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Blueroots: “We are joining forces in the digital development of our sector in a unique way. This collaboration goes further than a digital link. This model makes further data exchange possible, so that each player in the chain can optimize its own business model.”

Collaboration is the key to success

Steven van Schilfgaarde, CEO Royal FloraHolland: “In this way, we are establishing a digital ecosystem for the international floriculture industry. Within this joint venture, we will be collaborating with trading companies and members, our growers, on the national and international competitive position. Collaboration is the key to success! We have all worked hard to achieve this.”

Increasing opportunities and more insight in sales

The effect of the joint venture is that the sales opportunities via Floriday will increase further for growers. In addition, they will gain more insight into precisely where their products are sold. This is the unique value proposition Blueroots once started with. Data exchange throughout the chain will soon be possible in a modern way via the so-called API structure that will be rolled out as standard by Floriday. The trading companies behind Blueroots will gain access to the entire supply of flowers and plants, and a modern digital (API) link, via this collaboration.

Strong, efficient, international and digital

In addition, those companies will also have access, via the API, the screens of FloraMondo and FloraXchange, to the service innovations that are created on the platform, such as the ‘Delivery from stock’ service. These services will soon be accessible both via the screens in FloraMondo and in FloraXchange, but also directly from the ERP packages of the trading companies. The guiding principle here is to have a digital marketplace, which is as strong as possible for the market, efficient and international.

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