BetterBoxwood makes its debut in the USA

LOXLEY, USA: Plant Development Services Inc. (Loxley, AL) and TreeTown USA (Houston, TX) partner to introduce Better Boxwood™, the first collection of scientifically bred blight-resistant boxwood in the industry.

The Better Boxwood™ series is the result of over two decades of breeding and trials in Europe, led by Belgium grower Didier Hermans in cooperation with the Flemish Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research, both leaders in the fight against blight in Europe for 20 years. The Better Boxwood™ series will offer four different blight resistance varieties each with a unique size and form to fill any Boxwood need.

 The newly formed partnership named Boxwood Solutions™ Inc. will begin taking liner orders in September 2021 for Spring 2022 delivery to grower partners across the United States.

Kip McConnell, Business Development Director with Plant Development Services, is excited about this groundbreaking release and the new partnership with TreeTown: “Our expertise in licensing and marketing, coupled with TreeTown’s production engine and nationwide reach, will allow Better Boxwood to make an immediate impact in the marketplace.”

David Kirby, Executive Vice President of TreeTown, highlights the need for improved genetics in the boxwood market: “Understanding the importance of boxwood to the North American landscape and the devastating effects of the Boxwood Blight, we are proud to provide consumers and landscape professionals with the largest collection of new varieties actually bred for blight resistance. The four uniquely shaped Better Boxwood™ varieties will fill a wide variety of landscape needs.”

The Better Boxwood™ line will be available to consumers beginning in Spring of 2023.

Plant Development Services Inc. was founded in 1996 by Greg Smith of the third generation, family-owned Flowerwood Nursery, Inc. Plant Development Services owns and/or licenses more than 100 patented plant properties and boasts three top-ranking plant brands: Encore® Azalea, the Southern Living® Plant Collection and the Sunset Western Garden Collection®. To learn more about Plant Development Services Inc., visit 

TreeTown USA, founded in 2001, is a privately owned business headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 14 farms totaling over 6,700 production acres across Texas, Florida, Oregon, and California. With its recent acquisition of a West Coast Division, including Village Nurseries and Hines Growers, the combined company now has a coast-to-coast footprint for its broad mix of high-quality plants that includes over 5,000 unique selections.

To learn more about TreeTown USA, visit

In FCI’s latest  issue, editor Audrey Gerber reported on box blight and the role BetterBoxwood, also known as BetterBuxus in Europe, plays in defeating it. Click here to read pages 30-32 of the magazine.

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