HAAN. MUEDEN, Germany: BIG Begonia is the world’s most popular and renowned landscape begonia. You can find it in all metropolitans of the world: At the White House in Washington, New York and Chicago, at the Kremlin in Moscow, at Tiananmen Square in Beijing and from this year on also in Sydney, Australia near the famous opera house. Landscapers are convinced for a long time of the multiple advantages BIG begonias offer: They are easy to grow, almost maintenance free and flowering from frost to frost.

And – of course they become huge!

Fresh, exciting and a little bit crazy:  BIG “Grow Up” for end consumers

Attracting end consumers and especially the younger generation is the aim of Benary’s new retail concept.

“Grow Up! It’s so easy!”

This is the core message. Three outstanding characters: a young, fetching girl; an alien; and a crazy professor. They all proof how easy it is o grow a BIG begonia and enjoy a gorgeous and huge begonia all season long. If they are able to grow a BIG – well, then everybody can do it!
BIG is easy to grow and maintain. Some water and a little bit of fertilizer from time to time. That’s it! BIG is thriving all by itself. Ideal for beddings, hanging baskets, window boxes, and patio containers. BIG is also called the „holiday begonia“ since it forgives not being spoiled during vacation time.

BIGs are offered in 19 cm pots in garden centres. Packed in a recyclable and reusable bag which shows the characters it is ready to take home and thrive to an outstanding begonia.
Additional “Grow Up!“ labels for easy care can be found in each BIG pot.
BIG is the easiest begonia in the world! Have fun watching it grow up!

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