Behind the scenes at Floriade Expo 2022

ALMERE, Netherlands: With 19 months to go before the greatest horticultural show on earth opens to the crowds, Floriade is opening its doors to the public until 1 November as part of its Floriade Preview events.

Today, 14 September, marks 19 months to go until the opening of the Floriade Expo 2022 on 14 April 2022.  For those eager to know what is going on at the 60 ha site under construction in Almere, the Netherlands, Floriade Preview (until 1 November) offers an exciting behind the scenes of the greatest horticultural expo on earth.

Visitors can travel by boat from Esplanade dock in Almere Stad across the Weerwater lake to the Floriade site. They board near the Preview Centre which exhibits the ‘making of’ and which will be updated and expanded in the build-up to the Expo in 2022. The three Preview Labs — Tree Lab, Save Plastics Lab and The Growing Pavilion – give the visitors an impression of the pavilions which are expected at Floriade Expo 2022. In conclusion they explore the site by train during a guided tour.

The Expo has ‘Growing Green Cities’ as main theme and turns its focus to how cities can become more liveable and sustainable. Never a more urgent matter. The horticultural sector in its wide range of applications provides excellent possibilities to live healthier, greener, and more comfortable. Pieter Cloo, director of Floriade Expo 2022 said: “Floriade Preview portrays the ideology of Floriade in full, brings the theme Growing Green Cities to life and forms the link to the city Almere and the region Flevoland. Subsequently visitors of Floriade Preview may enjoy the city shopping centre or its restaurants and cafés”.

The exhibition in the Preview Centre was manufactured by DST Experience Bureau in collaboration with Hypsos. “The four subthemes Greening the City, Feeding the City, Healthying the City and Energising the City are in sync with our daily work and the projects we realise. We’re proud to contribute to the creation of the Floriade Preview Centre alongside Hypsos and already look forward to the Expo in 2022!”, said Markus Konings, CEO of DST Experience Agency.

Initiated of the city of Almere company Save Plastics is building a sustainable pilot house, which is built from 93% recycled plastic derived from local household waste. An innovative solution to a local issue. This solves both the issue with excessive plastic waste and the growing need of more houses. In this 20 square meter house, 7.482 kilograms of plastic waste is processed. A number that equals nearly 5 million sandwich bags! By using and processing this plastic waste saves 7.419 kilograms CO2 emissions. Bram Peters, director of Save Plastics, explains: “Every year we produce 1,3 billion kilograms household waste in The Netherlands. A large part is dumped in nature and becomes plastic soup. Which is both polluting and unnecessary. Cause every piece of plastic can be recycled in the products made at Save Plastics.”

Pascal Leboucq, designer of The Growing Pavilion: “The Growing Pavilion is an iconic example of building CO2 negative and creating with bio-based materials. This way of building and the techniques paired to it, is barely applied. With this pavilion we hope to demonstrate the beauty of it in a poetic matter. The art expositions in the pavilion furthermore emphasizes creating with bio-based materials. To start out, the exposition displays the work of five Dutch designers who create with bio-based materials. Thanks to Jessica Rijkers floral waste gains new purpose in sustainable and pesticide free textile. Studio Klarenbeek & Dros is working on a circular algae system. Martijn Straatman creates new objects from manure. Mireille Steinhage stimulates our conscience by exploring the use of salt crystals in air purification. Studio Nienke Hoogvliet shares her research on the health benefits for people who wear organic textile. Last but not least Emma van der Leest presents designs created from bacteria and fungi. The Growing Pavilion is a project of Company New Heroes and the Dutch Design Foundation.

Floriade partners up with various local entrepreneurs. Kevin van Drumpt, owner of Almere Rondvaarten, can’t wait to get started, “We’re excited to start this boat shuttle service. As a local company we’re proud to show the city’s beautiful view from the water. Furthermore we’re looking forward to transport visitors across the water to the Floriade site in the coming years.”

Floriade Preview is open to the public up and until November 1st, 2020, from Friday to Sunday. Book your tickets via The excursion includes a boat tour across the Weerwater from Almere Stad to the Floriade site, a visit to the Preview Centre and three pavilions, plus a guided tour across the site by train. Local visitors pay a reduced fee.

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