DIDCOT, UK: John Stanley is providing evening seminars that will give you an insight to “Becoming a Game Changer… the Future Garden Centre”! In partnership with the HTA, the internationally-respected consultant, John Stanley will be touring the UK during Autumn and putting on several evening seminars.  

John Stanley works with garden centres in 35 countries across the world.  His retail experience covers hands-on retailing in supermarkets, hardware stores, garden centres, farmers markets and drug stores.

John has authored many garden centre management books and he has also been a keynote speaker at leading horticultural conferences around the globe.

Some of the content to be covered during the evening seminars includes:

  • The traditional garden centre is dying whilst those with vision are growing their sales
  • What are the “winning ideas” that are being used by the ‘Game Changers’?
  • Strategies being introduced by the ‘Game Changers’ to grow their businesses
  • The future is exciting… as long as you change what you are doing

The seminars will be held on four dates in four separate locations. Dates and venues for this inspirational workshop are:

October 3: Scotland – Torwood Nurseries

October 5: N Ireland – Hillmount Garden Centre

October 9: Northern England – Ferndale Garden Centre

October 11: Southern England Workshop – Henry Street Garden Centre

More information about John and how to book an evening seminar can be found on the HTA website at

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