MONHEIM, Germany: At the 30th International Horticultural Congress (IHC2018), which will take place from August 12 to 16 in Istanbul, Turkey, Bayer introduces its latest innovations and novel approaches for sustainable horticulture production.

The mission statement of IHC2018 is “Bridging the World through Horticulture.” The event aims to connect participants, countries, scientific communities and the industry through research and innovation. Bayer’s Crop Science Division is the Platinum Sponsor and will be highly visible at the venue with an attractive and prominent booth, with its logo on conference materials and websites and through numerous speakers on different expert forums and workshops.

Challenges for modern horticulture producers include the need for higher productivity of their production systems as the number of people living on the planet is rising. This is resulting in less available farmland per capita. Yield and quality losses due to adverse climate conditions and biotic stresses are also increasing and effective tools for crop protection are becoming limited because of regulatory pressure and resistances.

Bayer offers customized agronomic solutions based on high-quality vegetable seeds, effective chemical and biological crop protection, complementary services and advice on agronomy, environmental protection, efficiency and safety. Bayer’s contribution to sustainable agriculture and customer support with innovative solutions, proactive stewardship and partnerships are at the core of its horticultural business.

At the IHC2018 Bayer launches its innovative Root2Success approach for healthy soils and healthy roots which are the foundation for a healthy food production and a consistently high productivity. In horticulture healthy roots can increase yield and quality by 30 to 50 percent according to field tests

Fruit and vegetable growers are aware that healthy roots have an impact on yield and quality, but the focus is often on the above-ground parts when judging the health of the plant. Root2Success is a holistic approach to improve and sustain root health in horticulture crops. Protect, heal, activate and preserve are important aspects of this approach which includes preventive measures, curative treatments, root health enhancers, biostimulants and Drip-by-Drip technologies.

Key Bayer products are Serenade™, Velum™ Prime and BioAct™ DC. Serenade activates roots through Bacillus subtilis QST713. Velum Prime protects roots against motile stages of plant-parasitic nematodes. BioAct DC with the Purpureocillium lilacinum strain 251 rapidly parasitizes eggs of plant-parasitic nematodes. BioAct DC is fully compatible with drip irrigation systems, a technology provided by Bayer collaboration partner Netafim.

Root2Success has been successfully used and tested in tomato cultivation in Mexico, banana growing in Central America and potato farming in Australia. Yields and grower income increased significantly. The new approach requires multifunctional R&D platforms and capabilities. Bayer therefore invites R&D partners and customers to jointly improve the Root2Success concept.

The International Horticultural Congress takes place every four years and provides a unique opportunity for the horticultural research community, horticultural producers, value chain participants and agribusinesses from around the globe to share information and uncover vital new knowledge. The organizers aim to promote and encourage research in horticulture and facilitate global scientific cooperation and knowledge transfer.

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