Barcelona’s flower wholesale market Mercabarna hosts 38th edition of X-mas-themed Mercademostraciones

With Christmas, less than 2 months away and true to tradition, Barcelona’s flower wholesale market Mercabarna-flor held its annual Mercademostraciones on 13 November 2022  offering an audience of more than 2,500 florists from across Spain the opportunity to stay on X-mas trends, learn new skills, and network.

If participants were wondering what will be decking the hall this Christmas, they now know the answer is sustainability and floral design in perfect harmony with nature.

LED Christmas tree lights, giant Christmas tree bows in white and creamy white are festive hits. Spaniards will deck out not only their hall and livin, but will also decorate their bathroom and kitchen with Christmas flowers.

Attendees could observe a clear tendency for a more natural and minimalistic approach with the traditional colours red and green being combined with  white, grey, blue and pink.

Álex Molina from floral art studio Savia Bruta Flower School, and Santi Santamaria, creative director of Barcelona’s floral art school Escuela Disseny Floral y Paisajismo created stunning tablepieces, Christmas bouquets, wreaths, guirlandes and a hundred and one ideas for stunning christmas arrangements.

The event included a floral design competion with florists vying for Award for the Best and Most Original Christmas arrangement.

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