Barcelona’s florists now know what will deck the hall this Christmas

BARCELONA, Spain: With Christmas, less than 2 months away and true to tradition, Barcelona’s flower wholesale market Mercabarna-flor held its annual Mercademostraciones on November 17 offering over 2,500 florists from across Spain the opportunity to learn new skills, trade and industry trends.

A team of florists from the country’s top five floral design schools – Escuelas Andaluza y Española, la Escuela Artesanos Floristas de Aragón y las dos catalanas, Escuela de Diseño Floral y Paisajismo and Rosa Valls Formació – created stunning displays and worked out a hundred and one ideas for stunning floral arrangements. If participants were wondering what will be decking the hall this Christmas, they now know the answer is Kitsch, Functional Flowers and Urban Luxury.

Attendees could observe a clear tendency for a more glitzy approach with the traditional colours red and green being combined with copper, gold and silver.

Joining the stage were master florists Gabriela Salazar from the UK and Natalia Zhizhko from Russia who passed their knowledge on to the trade public in high-quality workshops.

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