Australia’s newly formed Flower Traders Association (AFTA) launches website

MOOREBANK, Australia: People looking for facts and figures about Australia’s floral industry can now turn to the Australian Flower Trade Association (AFTA) website at

The newly launched website contains a wealth of information about AFTA’s goals: unite the Australian flower industry, maximise market share, centralise data and resources, advocate for an optimal operating environment, deepen bilateral relationships, and contribute to local communities.

AFTA, established in 2018, is the official voice of Australia’s cut flower and cut foliage trade. AFTA members include growers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers.

“Our first objective as an organisation is to advocate on behalf of growing Australia’s cut flower industry, building successful floriculture businesses that can effectively meet consumer demand for cut flowers and foliage,” said Scott Salter, co-founder of AFTA and chief scientist at Lynch Group, one of AFTA’s 13 members, Lynch Group. “Our members collectively employ and support many thousands of Australian workers and businesses across Australia. Our importer members also represent 90 per cent of flower imports to Australia by value and volume.”

Recognising that the Australian cut flower Industry lacked a unifying voice that advocated for all sectors of the cut flower supply chain, the association was formed to help the industry better engage with governments, policy makers and industry regulators with a single, informed and science-based voice.

AFTA promotes a united industry that has the clear goal of fostering the growth and financial health of local growers, to encourage new farms to thrive, and nurturing the new generation of growers and florists. AFTA was created to support the industry across Australia, so that it can continue to fulfil both the quality and quantity of flowers that consumers want to buy.

To meet AFTA’s members visit


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