Australia’s national initiative Greener Spaces, Better Places takes root

SYDNEY, Australia: Introducing Greener Spaces Better Places – a national initiative bringing together research, business, government, and the greenlife industry to form Australia’s largest network of green spaces advocates.

Greener Spaces Better Places aims to ensure that the country’s urban places grow, so do its green spaces, and in doing so, make Australia’s urban areas the greenest in the world.

An evolution of the 202020 Vision which aimed to increase Australia’s urban green space by 20% by 2020, the programme will continue to place an emphasis on investment and communication of research, equipping green industry businesses with the knowledge they need to continue to drive the industry forward and ensure green space is prioritised throughout Australia’s towns, suburbs and cities.

Funded by Hort Innovation using nursery industry levies and funds from the Australian Government, the project will continue to focus on building more and better urban green spaces across Australia.

Hort Innovation chief executive, Matt Brand said “The programme will work to ensure that as cities grow, so do green spaces; and that they are grown with quality, best practice and address the key challenges cities face.

“To promote health and wellbeing in individuals, build resilient communities and support a sustainable society, the program will work holistically to champion the benefits of green space in relation to urban liveability – not just for the fortunate few, but for everyone.”

Greenlife Industry Australia CEO, Peter Vaughan welcomed the evolution of the brand and renewed focus on establishing green spaces. “The focus is unchanged, we continue to work closely with the Greener Spaces Better Places network to ensure that the area of green space continues to grow as our cities expand,” Mr. Vaughan said.

“Since its launch in 2013, the programme has delivered a number of positive outcomes for the Australian nursery industry and we look forward to supporting its future achievements.”

The programme has trained 80% of Australia’s urban councils on how to implement an urban forest strategy, created Australia’s first benchmark measurement tool on urban greening and engaged and collaborated with over 5000 people across five states through its bi-annual roadshows on urban greening.

Mr. Vaughan reinforced to growers they can expect to see more of the same from Greener Spaces Better Places. “Regular events, informative guides, and up-to-date industry news will all continue to be developed, published and shared on a consistent basis. Growers will still see the same unrelenting commitment to working towards more green spaces in our urban environments.”

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