Australian nursery industry grows for fourth straight year

For the fourth straight year, the value and production of plants sold in Australia have continued to grow, reinforcing the nursery industry’s position as one of the most valuable contributors to the Australian agriculture industry.

According to the Nursery Industry Statistics 2020-21 report, the Australian nursery industry is currently valued at approximately $2.8 billion and employs almost 25,000 people in every state and territory of Australia.

Australian growers produce a variety of greenlife, from ornamentals, trees, and shrubs to starter plants for fruit and vegetable production and stock for landscaping, forestry, and revegetation.

With over 2.3 billion plants produced and sold across the country, the greenlife industry is the backbone of Australian horticulture. Plants have a direct and positive impact on the environment, Australian food production, and play a significant role in community health and well-being, especially in our growing cities.

A summary of results published in that report can be found in our Facts at a Glance

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