Anthony Tesselaar announces presence at 2019 Plantarium show

MELBOURNE, Australia: In only a few weeks Australian plant marketer Anthony Tesselaar will travel to Boskoop, Netherlands where he will showcase his extensive range of branded,  sustainable and consumer-friendly plants at Plantarium.

The outlook for the global plant market looks dark and bright at the same time. “During a period of instability and concern for the environment, the world of horticulture continues to provide a high degree of well-being for a troubled planet, albeit one carbon credit at a time,” said Tesselaar.

He says that growers and nurseries worldwide have always searched for new plants to produce. But now they need to factor in previously unconsidered elements like sustainability for the plants they choose to grow. “This has become more critical in recent times and is not only a consideration for retailers with the introduction of MPS. It is now also a key decision factor for consumers in making their choices of what plants to purchase. We have seen many award-winning novelties premiering at trade show such as Plantarium which never reach the plant retail shelves meaning that being new or novel is not enough alone when it comes to choosing successful plant programmes.”

Over 25 years, the Tesselaar name has been associated with plants and programmes that perform and are both successful and strategically managed for the long term sales. According to Tesselaar they “have provided the stability, service and support that their licensed growers, retailers and consumers demand. Their selection of plants has been chosen not just through extensive testing at multiple trial sites around the world, but via their ability to fit under a structured branding and product life cycle management process.”

It is this process that makes the Tesselaar brand stand out from the crowd, he says. “The Tesselaars personal philosophy has one simple aim:  to bring exceptional plants to market that provide sustainability. Our theme for Plantarium 2019 is quite simply to enhance this message for 2020 and beyond along with previewing some new programs in development. Come and see our ‘Blaze of Colour’ on stand 208 from August 21-23 in Boskoop.”


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