Angers to be host city for 31st International Horticultural Congress

ANGERS, France: Angers, recognised as the greenest city in France, has been chosen to host the International Horticultural Congress (IHC)  in 2022.

Angers, located in the scenic Loire Valley, benefits from a great variety of mineral resources. Its mild climate and proximity to the ocean create an ideal setting for horticultural production. In the 19th century leading names in the plant sector set up their companies in Angers and made the city one of the greatest plant breeding capitals in Europe.

Roger du Vilmorin, original ISHS president and a great plant seed company, organised the first international horticultural congress in the city in 1958. Since then Angers has delivered millions of horticultural varieties from France, Europe and the world.

Speakers at the world conference on horticultural sciences, which takes place once every four years, held under the patronage of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), will include a raft of high profile leaders which in previous years have included heads of state and government officials.

In the six days of the Congress delegates are sure to find specific topics that are of interest. Beyond the colloquia (plenary lectures on a topic of general interest by invited personalities) and the several thematic sessions (of oral or poster presentations, based on the abstracts submitted) there will be also a range of symposia and seminars

Working together with international innovation network Vegepolys, France’s agricultural research institute INRA, Angers’ tourist office Destination Angers, and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Resarch, IHC Angers 2022 will also include workshops (informal meetings focusing on novel topics with an emphasis on round-table discussion), as well as technical tours and post-congress activities in the Loire Valley, France’s horticultural heartland.

The Congress organisation is based on several Committees – Executive, Scientific and Programme, International Advisory, Industry and Local Organising – with members from universities and institutes but also from grower’s associations and horticultural industries. The IHC Angers 2022 will be, therefore, much more than a meeting of scientists, as it will involve the various sectors that contribute for the dynamism of horticulture.

Horticulture has a large scope, including an enormous number of plants and many different uses.  Fruit and vegetable production is the best known and most important horticulture activity, but horticulture is also grapes for wine-making, and many non-food activities such aromatic and medicinal plants, ornamentals, landscaping, and turf grass management.

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