Andean cut foliage to take centre stage at Colombia’s Proflora (October 2-4)

BOGOTA, Colombia: Colombia is a rich source of foliage and the country will highlight its leading position as a global cut foliage supplier at the forthcoming Proflora show in Bogotá.

Monochromatic and minimalist arrangements have gone out of fashion since consumers today are looking for sumptuous and colourful bouquets and arrangements with foliage adding colour and texture. With this in mind, industry trendsetters should know that Colombia is positioning itself as a leader in the production and marketing of fresh ornamental foliage and greens. Data supports this assumption, last year exports reached 2,254 tons, with more than 20 species of Colombian cut foliage of excellent quality landing at 39 destinations worldwide. It is also important to mention that during 2018,  Colombia  exported foliage and greens worth US $12.4 million, which represents an increase of 14.1% in terms of value compared with 2017.

The perfect place to see fist hand what’s on offer is Proflora, the best flower trade show. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet growers of a wide range of products and to see the farms that works to carry out the best foliage.

During the show, October 2 to 4, the exhibition will be opened for international buyers to visit some farms previously selected by the event organisers. Also, those who attend will be able to experience the new varieties that will set a trend in the coming years.

Without a doubt, Proflora is an exceptional opportunity to create new relationships and contacts and to discover the floral diversity Colombia has to offer to the world.

Come and see why Proflora is the best cut flower, foliage and greens show. The main exhibitors will be Colombian and international flower producers, general suppliers, service companies, breeders – who are responsible for developing the new varieties of flowers on the market -, and all floriculture key members. It’s the whole flower industry under one roof.

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