Alstroemeria ‘Intenz Dark Pink’ to debut at Dutch auctions this week

RIJSENHOUT, Netherlands: Featuring large blooms that gracefully arise above dark green foliage, Alstroemeria ‘Intenz Dark Pink’ – a bred from breeder and propagator Royal Van Zanten –  is a new cultivar whose petals are hardly striped. Decorum grower Together2Grow will started selling the spectacular new variety at the Dutch auctions this week.

Non-striped petals

With its intense pink colour and particularly large, streak-free flowers, Intenz Dark Pink is sure to make a big impression at retail. ‘Intenz Dark Pink’ is a cousin of the well-known variety ‘Intenz Pink’, and can therefore be grown following the same culture guidelines. ‘Intenz Dark Pink’ is slightly brighter and has the unique capability to create well-balanced bouquets with visual interest.

‘Intenz Dark Pink’ stands out for its excellent shelf life and makes a perfect filler flower or mono bouquet.

Sustainable cultivation

Dutch Alstroemeria growers demonstrate leadership, dedication, and achievements in protecting the environment. Breeder Royal Van Zanten is constantly on the lookout to make Alstroemeria growing even more sustainable. ‘Intenz Dark Pink’ is not only an asset when it comes to appearance; this new Alstroemeria is also a particularly strong variety that can be grown sustainably at low temperatures.

First crop harvest as of week 5

Alstroemeria ‘Intenz Dark Pink’ will be available starting from week 5 at the auctions in Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer with an expected year round supply of 10,000 stems per week.

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