Aleia Roses’ production unaffected despite ‘voluntary creditor contest’

MADRID, Spain: Aleia Roses has voluntarily applied on October 16th, 2019  for a legal procedure called ‘Voluntary Creditor Contest’, which main objectives are the protection of the business and the company and the continuation of business.

The operation at the greenhouse is running normally, trucks are daily arriving at Aleia Roses premises in Aalsmeer and the supply of roses continues as usual, both in direct sales and through the different auctions in The Netherlands and Germany. High-quality red roses are being delivered to Aleia Roses customers, with all brands and lengths available.

Aleia Roses looks positively towards the future and thanks all parties for their trust and support.

Aleia Roses is an expert in the large-scale cultivation of the Red Naomi! ® variety, the best red rose in the world. Aleia Roses grows the red roses in a high-tech greenhouse in the north of Spain in the province of Soria, the largest one in the cultivation of this variety with 14 hectares. This location has many climate benefits that contributes to  the quality of the rose.

Rainwater is collected in two 25,000 m3 basins and reused, diseases and pests are controlled with a biological control program (Integrated Pest Management) and Dutch growers, knowledge and high-tech applications are in place to make the production process efficient and sustainable. Aleia Roses has been acknowledged with several sustainability certificates issued by Milieu Project Sierteelt (MPS).

The rose, marketed behind three different brands – Reia, Aleia and Aleia Máxima- , has an intense red colour and a subtle sweet scent, can grow up to 90 cm stem length and provides a long vase life.

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