Airglades International Airport to open state-of-the-art perishable cargo and logistics centre

Preparation before flight. Loading of cargo containers to airplane at airport.

CLEWISTON, FLORIDA/USA: The Airglades International Airport, located 100 miles north of Miami, is announcing the development of a new, state-of-the-art perishable cargo airport and full- service logistics center, benefitting international and domestic perishable growers, perishable importers, e-commerce fulfillment centers, production providers, wholesalers, retailers, carriers, allied organizations, and the general public.

Known as AIA, the new Airglades facility will boast a new 10,000-foot runway and provide services for international perishable importers and domestic growers under one roof. In 2019, AIA received the FAA Record of Decision and in 2020, Airglades Airport was designated a US Customs Port of Entry Inspection Facility.

Located in Hendry County, South Florida, this new facility allows businesses in the perishable sector more expansion and growth opportunities by providing a custom-built cargo-dedicated logistics hub and airport offering seamless refrigeration under one roof – from inbound receiving to outbound distribution.

The perishable cargo hub finds itself in an uncongested area, a prime location for connections between international and domestic growers, distributors, and logistics companies.

The hub offers an opportunity for reduced flight costs from/to Latin America (shorter flight time, shorter aircraft taxi and waiting times) plus direct customer shipping from the Perishable Cargo Center (PCC) and reduced trucking transportation costs (less traffic, increased proximity to end customers by ~200 miles roundtrip).

Streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and more convenient access will bring product faster and fresher to retailers and end consumers.

Facility highlights include upgraded airport access road, warehouse and distribution facilities, integrated, onsite federal inspections & Perishable Cargo Center (PCC), air traffic control tower, runway 13-31 (existing) and a new 10,000-foot runway (18-36) & parallel taxiway.

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