Air France KLM Martinair Cargo continues to expand its network

SCHIPHOL, Netherlands: Air France KLM Martinair Cargo keeps the supply chains moving. Especially at a time when wide-body belly capacity is limited, it’s essential to make a difference. This is important for relief and healthcare-related goods to combat Covid-19, but extends to include all other commodities.

This week the company passed a significant milestone, re-opening its routes from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Saint Martin, Panama City, Bangui and Johannesburg. And from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Paramaribo, Aruba, Saint Martin and Quito.

What’s more, the cargo airline has added frequencies to several destinations such as Sao Paulo, Bogotá, Cayenne, Los Angeles, Toronto and Seoul.

The company is currently serving 73 unique destinations, operating more than 375 weekly frequencies across our combined network. And it is also still offering belly hold charter options with passenger aircraft.

The network continues to expand in sync with customer demand, data and intelligence. Drawing from numerous insights and data sources – based on industry recovery forecasts, for example – the company can effectively determine which cargo destinations to re-open, how many frequencies to add and which aircraft types to deploy in order to meet evolving requirements for specific commodities and market segments.

Gertjan Roelands, Senior Vice President Sales & Distribution: “For us, it’s key to continuously adapt our offer and services in order to meet market demand. In recent months, we’ve seen that airfreight is a critical link in the global logistics supply chain. Also for the recovery phase, it’s key that industries are able to distribute their goods. As Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, we will continue to build our network intelligently, coupled with always improving our services and distribution capabilities.”

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