AIPH-approved Expo 2019 Beijing kicks off with GRAND opening ceremony

BEIJING, China: The AIPH-approved A 1 horticultural world exhibition EXPO 2019 Beijing is now officially underway after an awe-inspiring opening ceremony on April 29, 2019.  Delivering a key speech was China’s President Xi Jinping who emphasised the need to pursue harmony between humankind and nature and achieve green and sustainable development.

Over 100 countries are participating in the event which will run until October 7, 2019 in Yanqing district of Beijing, China. Covering over 500 hectares the world event takes place close to the foot of the Great Wall in Badaling. Countries and international organisations take their place at the Expo alongside many gardens from provinces across China.

The opening was a visual spectacle packed with fireworks, dancers and singers. AIPH-President Bernard Oosterom said he was thrilled to be speaking at the opening of Expo 2019 Beijing  “It is the purpose of AIPH to support the ornamental horticulture industry worldwide and trade events like this provide a valuable mechanism for all those in this industry to do business and grow together.”

On behalf of AIPH, Oosterom extended his gratitude to president Xi Jinping and the Chinese government for attaching great importance to the Expo and supporting it. “I am also grateful to relevant ministries, the Beijing municipal government and the many participants from China as well as a record number of participating countries and 24 international organisations. I am pleased that participants from around the world will use horticulture to show us their interpretation of the ‘Live Green Live Better’  theme, demonstrating what can be achieved between mankind and nature.”

Oosterom said China has led the way in promoting green developments. “It is clear that the Chinese government supports ecologically sensitive development in order to create a beautiful China. AIPH is represented in China by the China Flower Association. Thanks to their efforts horticulture in China has achieved huge growth and the Expo is testament to how far it has come.”

According to Oosterom, the opening of Expo 2019 Beijing is a special day for AIPH and the history of international horticultural exhibitions because it is the largest such event that has ever taken place. “It brings together more countries than any past expo in our industry,” he said, adding that the opening ceremony is above all a special day for China as it is shows the world how much plants matter. “With this expo you are demonstrating to the world that living green means living better. I hope millions of people from around the world will come and see this beautiful expo and enjoy the benefits of living green.”

The Chinese horticulture industry has seen tremendous growth over recent decades and still it continues to develop into a more and more sophisticated sector. The market for flowers and plants in China is huge and, based on our predictions for this industry, it is set to be much bigger still in years to come.

AIPH will remain focused on China this year.  Along with CFA, CCPIT, the Forestry and Grassland Administration and Beijing Municipal Government, the association will host the first World Ornamental Horticulture Summit in China during the second week of September in Beijing.  There it will publish its third International Vision Project (IVP) report titled ‘Emerging Domestic Producers in China’.  This important summit will run alongside the 71st AIPH Annual Congress.

Watch the Expo 2019 Beijing grand opening :

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