AIPH announces global partnership with Salzburg Global Seminar for the AIPH World Green City Awards and beyond

DIDCOT, UK, SALZBURG, Austria: The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) is proud to partner with Salzburg Global Seminar to shape a better world for people and the planet.

This partnership aligns with the common goals of both AIPH and Salzburg Global Seminar in pursuit of co-promoting the benefits of inviting more plants and nature into our increasingly urban lives. At a time when cities are growing rapidly, and nature is diminishing at alarming rates, urgent action is needed. Plants and nature, which provide multiple benefits and services, are powerful tools with the potential to address many of the ever-mounting challenges faced by growing urban communities. Through this partnership, AIPH and Salzburg Global Seminar seek to accelerate the rate of transformation in cities to bring wide recognition to the value of plants in providing solutions for common city problems and to create an enabling environment to shape and nurture a strategic shift in city governance and planning.

“We are really excited about this new partnership with the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH).  There are many great areas of overlap and alignment in our priorities and the approaches we can take to support and drive change to help inspire better urban futures for everyone.  It is particularly timely to be able to announce this partnership as COP26 draws to a close.  If we are to address the climate crisis then we will need many more atypical partnerships like this,” says Dominic Regester, Program Director, Salzburg Global Seminar.

The partnership announcement lays the foundation for sustained collaboration between AIPH and Salzburg Global Seminar, who have expressed a mutual interest in working together with both in the short and long term. As a means of demonstrating the partnership in action, AIPH has joined the network of partners for Salzburg Global Seminar’s Parks for the Planet Forum 2021, where AIPH has taken up active facilitation and participatory role. This renowned forum is a long-term collaboration to reconnect people and nature in an urbanized world. Launched in 2015, it aims to improve human and societal wellbeing by expanding access to nature-rich urban spaces, increasing investments in urban conservation, and creating dynamic partnerships between people, cities, and protected area systems.

“AIPH is proud to join the Parks for the Planet Forum as a supporting partner. We are excited to demonstrate our partnership in action through our participation and to connect with a global community of champions for the power of plants and nature. Together with Salzburg Global Seminar, we hope to learn from, share with, and inspire other like-minded individuals and organisations to showcase the power of collaboration,” says Dr Audrey Timm, Technical Advisor, AIPH.

Similarly, Salzburg Global Seminar has expressed its support for the AIPH World Green City Awards. The AIPH World Green City Awards is an ongoing competition, with entries open every 2 years. Designed to champion ambitious nature-orientated approaches to city design and operation, they seek to recognise public initiatives relying on greater use of plants and nature to create better city environments – helping to fulfil local aspirations for improved economic, social and environmental resilience. The awards celebrate innovation, achievement, and commitment to the globally recognised imperative to embrace nature-based solutions that harvest the power of plants and associated ecosystems services to help address the major challenges facing cities today – or tomorrow. Launched on 22nd April 2021 at the AIPH Green City conference “Champions of Green Cities,” online entries for the AIPH World Green City Awards are now open for the inaugural 2022 edition.

“Partnering with AIPH on the Green City Award was an obvious choice for Salzburg Global Seminar. The partnership presents a great opportunity for us to support our goal of improving the quality of life and biodiversity in cities through enhanced access to nature. We believe our partnership with AIPH will be of great benefit to our Fellows through the valuable knowledge and experience the organization can and has already shared,” says Jennifer Dunn, Program Development Manager, Salzburg Global Seminar.

AIPH has, since 1948, united horticultural producers in an international community that thrives to this day. Much has changed in that time. Technologies advanced, cities rose from the ground, and we have become more connected than ever. As a result, our essential bond with nature has been weakened. Thus, AIPH strives to reignite and uphold an appreciation of plants that we believe is a basic human instinct. Believing that nature is the foundation on which our increasingly urban lives depend, AIPH leads global thinking on the successful integration of plants and nature into the built environment by supporting the bold and ambitious actions of local governments and urban change-makers. Through its Green City Programme, AIPH promotes awareness of the urgent need for urban greening and the essential role of plants in creating vibrant urban areas. Its mission is to develop an international standard for green cities as well as being a focal point for green city best practice and a source of expertise.

Salzburg Global Seminar is an independent non-profit organisation founded in 1947 with the mission to challenge current and future leaders to shape a better world. Its multi-year program series aim to bridge divides, expand collaboration and transform systems. Salzburg Global Seminar convenes outstanding talent across generations, cultures and sectors to foster lasting networks and partnerships for creative, just and sustainable change. Over 38,000 Fellows from more than 170 countries have come together through this work, with many rising to senior leadership positions.

Salzburg Global Seminar works to foster lasting networks and partnerships for creative, just and sustainable change. Ultimately, Salzburg Global Seminar seeks to enable systemic transformation by inspiring new thinking and action on critical issues, and by connecting local innovators and global resources.

Given its role in convening change-makers, city shapers, and new ideas, Salzburg Global Seminar is uniquely positioned to support the work of AIPH, and specifically the AIPH World Green City Awards by attracting the attention of city leaders and showcasing what is possible if we approach the challenges we face today with the systems-perspective we need to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. AIPH, in return, brings the essential voice of the global horticultural industry to the table to ensure that plants are given the recognition they deserve in global discussions around shaping a better world. Together, we stand united to support the global green city agenda and drive transformative change through the co-development of bold, new ideas.

“Our partnership with Salzburg Global Seminar formalises an exciting collaboration to enable transformation for a better urban future. Through our joint work, we seek to inspire the global urban change-making community to drive impactful action to secure the sustainability of our increasingly urban future. We urgently need new ways of working, thinking, and doing to invite more plants and nature into our daily lives. Together we will champion this cause to ignite a movement for greener cities,” says Mr Tim Briercliffe, Secretary General, AIPH.

Jointly acknowledging the power of partnerships, a spirit of collaboration underpins the organisational philosophies of both AIPH and Salzburg Global Seminar. Together they aim to shape a better world by championing the power of plants and nature and harnessing this power to inspire a movement for greener cities and ultimately secure our collective urban future.

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