AgriFORCE Growing Systems and Delphy Group join forces

VANCOUVER, Canada, WAGENINGEN, Netherlands: Vancouver-based AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd., a publicly listed ag-tech company that develops sustainable cultivation solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Delphy Group, a Dutch knowledge sharing and service provider for growers around the world. A share swap arrangement is part of the deal with Delphy’s shareholders acquiring an interest in AgriFORCE.

The acquisition allows Delphy to further develop its core business and expand internationally.

Delphy has shown strong financial performance and consistent growth in recent years. Its consultancy and research activities in the Netherlands and abroad will be expanded.

The establishment of a research centre for plant sectors in North America is a joint priority, as is the expansion of Delphy’s knowledge activities in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Delphy has laid a solid foundation in the development and application of digitalisation to optimise production and make it more sustainable. These activities are being expanded rapidly with AgriFORCE.

Ingo Mueller, CEO of AgriFORCE Growing Systems, comments: “We expect the combined company AgriFORCE – Delphy to grow into a global player with R&D capabilities of the highest level, with increased opportunities for knowledge development and knowledge application in a broader geographical market.”

He adds: “Delphy brings a very skilled and experienced team. We look forward to working with Delphy to further build on their capabilities and broad relationships. Importantly, our complementary expertise and shared values are utilised to contribute to sustainable change in the plant sectors. Delphy will maintain its independent position.”

Jacco van der Wekken, CEO of Delphy, comments: “The partnership with AgriFORCE will accelerate our global expansion plans and build on our market leadership. Our joint strategy is to develop and apply innovative solutions in plant production. This is achieved by expanding research locations in various plant sectors, accelerating digitisation and expanding the consultancy activities in other parts of the world. We are, for instance, looking forward to capitalising on the enormous opportunities in North America in close cooperation with AgriFORCE. The current management of Delphy will also remain active in the further expansion of Delphy.”

Delphy is a leading and independent advisory and research partner for plant sectors. The company’s activities focus on consultation, research, digitisation, training and setting up innovative projects, both in the Netherlands and abroad. By continuously marketing innovative and contemporary services and products, Delphy creates added value for entrepreneurs. Delphy employs over 240 consultants, researchers and project leaders. Delphy develops practical knowledge by conducting its own research at several of its own research locations. For more information, visit

AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: AGRI; AGRIW; Vancouver, Canada) is an ag-tech company that focuses on the development and application of knowledge related to the growing of plants. The company’s focus is currently on North America and Europe. This will be further expanded to other continents in the coming years. AgriFORCE’s vision is to be a leader in the development and application of knowledge with the aim of accelerating crop production with sustainable AgTech solutions. For more information, visit

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