Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions announce strategic partnership with Fresh-o-Fair

MIAMI, USA:  True sustainability needs transparency. With this in mind, Sahid Nahim of New Bloom Solutions and David Kaplan of Above All Flowers proudly announce a strategic partnership with  Fresh-o-Fair. The move will allow customers to purchase directly from sustainable and eco-conscious flower farms in Latin America.

One of the most special aspects of Fresh-o-Fair is their partnership with Latin American flower farms that provide high-quality and long-lasting flowers at a fair price. No matter what kind of flowers you need, Fresh-o-Fair ensures beautiful, fresh flowers at market competitive prices. With Fresh-o-Fair’s comprehensive concierge services, wholesalers and retailers don’t have to worry about logistics, claims, and payments. Whether they require standing orders or personalized orders, Fresh-o-Fair’s personalized consultation takes care of it all.

New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers are especially impressed with Fresh-o-Fair’s commitment to improving the floral industry and making it more transparent without compromising its eco-friendly values. Sustainability has been a huge trend in the floral industry, but Fresh-o-Fair doesn’t consider eco-friendliness a trend. They prioritize taking care of the environment and work with over 20 socially conscious flower farms.

“Fresh O Fair allows us to give our floral partners access to our network of growers 24/7 with great concierge service and price transparency.

NBS and AAF’s partnership with Fresh-o-Fair introduces their concierge service and network of growers to our customers. With Above All Flowers 24HRS, our valued customers can take advantage of working with Fresh-o-Fair, an innovative and transparent company that ensures fair pricing, working with environmentally conscious flower farms, and ensuring your experience is as easy as can be.

New Bloom Solutions (NBS) and Above All Flowers (AAF) are committed to introducing the floral industry to innovative companies that meet their personal values. Fresh-o-Fair is such a company, and both companies are excited to connect them to their network and help the floral industry bloom. New Bloom Solutions is a leader in floral marketing, floral industry consultation, while Above All Flowers is renowned for product procurement, market facilitation, consulting, and product development.

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