A blooming success as Ljubljana hosts flower design show

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia: Hosted at the Naklo Biotechnical Centre (located 20km outside Ljubljana) on January 26th , the event saw 150 florists participating in a floral event organised by the floristry team of Flower Circus from Holland in close collaboration with Dutch floral design school Floweracademy.NL.

Ljubljana’s top floral event celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. For this special occasion Mark Frank and John Elstgeest of Flower Circus had been invited to treat the florists to an interactive mix of knowledge sharing, learning and fun. Following on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th  was a professional course that gave florists the opportunity to study all aspects of commercial floristry, with an emphasis on exploring floral design, whilst at the same time focusing on the commercial viability and profitability of business.

Opening the floral event on Sunday, was Derk Jan Nauta, the vice Netherlands ambassador to Slovenia.

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